Yvonne Bean


Hi there….

I'm glad you found your way here! My name is Yvonne Bean and I'm the proud owner of AstroVibrant.Com and I'm an energy worker.

My "Super Power" is being able to see into your Aura which is an energetic field around the body.  When I look into it, I tell you what I am seeing, like blockages being released from your body and energy field that have been keeping you stuck and stagnant in areas of your life.  I use energetic light to clear your energy and I also watch as healing lights come in and balance out your chakras and overall energy.  It's an experience that you probably won't forget anytime soon.  It can be an experience that can be described as transformative, comforting, peaceful, a new feeling of relief and healing with A-ha moments and sometimes it's just surprisingly funny and refreshing.