Susan Chilcoat


hi there…

I, Susan, have been interested in natural health options for a very long time. I realized when my mom was having health issues that simply throwing meds at the problem does not address the underlying cause. About five years ago, I discovered the science of aromatherapy and the power of essential oils. These bottles of plant-based healing help for so many issues and do so without the harsh chemicals that are so often a part of our lives. I have seen the effectiveness of essential oils first hand with myself and my family and friends. Our immune systems are so much stronger, our gut health is better, our hormones are better balanced, and we are just generally healthier. As a long-time educator, I couldn’t keep this information to myself since it could help so many people. I began to research and educate as often as I could about the wonderful benefits of essential oils. I am so excited to empower others with the information and the products that will enable the healthiest and happiest life.

Masters Degree, Education Aromatherapy Certification, in Process