Michael Leidner

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Michael Leidner is the owner/operator of South Texas Apiaries LLC, based in Orange Grove, TX. Michael grew up in South Texas and has lived in and loved the South Texas brush his entire life. Beekeeping started as a hobby for Michael, but quickly grew into something more. South Texas Apiaries is a one man show, Michael is the sole beekeeper, managing every aspect of the bees and honey production. South Texas Apiaries produces honey in multiple areas of the region, including near Orange Grove, Alice, Flour Bluff, and in Brazoria county. Because bees fly up to five miles when collecting nectar and pollen, it is impossible to receive USDA Organic certification for honey produced in the US, however, South Texas Apiaries uses organic practices in their honey production. All honey produced is filtered just enough to remove the bee parts and large pieces of wax and never heated above 110 degrees. Honey sold by South Texas Apiaries is a raw and unfiltered product, retaining the many beneficial enzymes and pollen grains. Honey is offered at the South Side Farmers market (once a month), at Archer Soapworks and Apothecary and by contacting Michael directly. A new honey house and manufacture facility is expected in the next 6-12 months, with this you will be able to find this amazing honey in more store fronts across the coastal bend. In addition to local raw honey, we do have a limited amount of beeswax available.