Melinda Pond

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I completed one of the Nation's top direct entry midwifery schools, Mercy In Action and interned with several midwives across the state of Texas which afforded me to have a well-rounded education through cross training. I was privileged to travel to Haiti to attend births at a birthing center. My time in Haiti opened my eyes to care in third world countries and appreciation to the care in the United States.  

I am a certified professional midwife though the North American registry of midwives and licensed though the Texas department of licensing and regulations. As part of my licensing I am certified in neonatal resuscitation and health care provider CPR.  

In addition to my growing midwifery practice I currently serve on the board of the association of Texas midwives as a regional representative to the midwives in my area. I attend continuing education seminars to further my obstetrical knowledge and stay current on evidence-based practices.  

I have been married for 26 years, and during this time, I have been blessed with six daughters and two sons. Each child brought a different experience for me. This included hospital and home birth, with epidural and unmedicated birth, in water as well as the process of adoption.