Lindy Burns

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Lindy Burns is a MA level psychologist, yoga therapist, yoga teacher trainer, professor, artist, and community developer.  She develops classes, trainings, retreats, festivals, community events & programming that engage people around the science and art of holistic health and psychology.  She strongly believes in the practicality of science in the field of yoga and has built community programming and trained community providers in developing effective and efficient careers with purpose. She is the founder of Youga and after many years of being a Yoga Studio has opened the first Yoga Therapy Clinic and School in Corpus Christi.  For nearly 20 years she has been passionate about community providers making a living with purpose and supporting the rise of conscious companies so we can better support our community.  

She takes a practical, evidence-based approach to her work.  Her mission is community enhancement through personal enrichment based on a belief that the relationship between community health and individual health is bidirectional.

While nurturing students’ unique limitations and possible injuries, Lindy integrates a yoga practice that best supports their current strengths and abilities in a variety of group, individual, community, professional, medical, and mental health settings.  Lindy is the first and only yoga therapist in Corpus Christi and is pioneering this rapidly growing field in our community.  Yoga therapists combine physical, respiratory, and neurological therapy to work with clients who deal with acute physical injury or illness.  Just a short list of clinical cases she has worked with include autism, Parkinson's, spinal injury, brain damage, stroke survivors, pre/post surgery, carpal tunnel, digestive distress, and much more.  Lindy takes a practical approach to teaching the science, practice, and art of yoga to help one better navigate life.

Every summer she hosts an enrichment retreat that immerses participants in programming designed to educate one in all the ways to enhance life through yoga, creativity, nutrition, science, respite, community, and more.  The annual training retreat called GILI stands for global innovation through local implementation, the idea of empowering social entrepreneurs in thinking globally while acting locally. Our retreat mission is social impact through self-development, so many want to change the world, few want to change themselves - this is for those who desire continued personal and professional development to fuel their passion and purpose.

Youga also specializes in corporate and workplace programming.  When brought on, Lindy assess’s the unique needs and physical demands created by the type of work done and tailors specialized group programming for employees.  Many agencies have seen work-place injury decline while health and productivity increase thus having a positive impact on company finances. Lindy has developed programming for Christus Spohn, CCISD, JJC Bootcamp and Staff, Mary Grett School, Chemours, YMCA, Art Walk, Bridge Walk, Grow Local, City Hall, City of Corpus Christi, and so much more.  

Youga has transformed the Corpus health and wellness community over the past 20 years and has inspired and trained countless yoga teachers and wellness professionals to pick up the torch of contributing to our area. Sustainable and successful social impact comes through continued self-development and great leaders know how to inspire the change they wish to see in the world. Youga’s programming can benefit you on a personal level and for those interested in building a career in wellness can launch you into a successful profession.