Jonda Watson

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Hello and thank you for seeking more information about Lumina Healings!

LUMINA HEALINGS is an Energy, Sound and Crystal Healing Center which was created in 2016 as a result of my journey into holistic health and wellness. I’m JONDA WATSON and my journey first began in my teen years when my passions were music and drama. I attended an acting day camp the summer I turned 15 and one of our daily classes was yoga and meditation. At the time, yoga and meditation were relatively new in the United States. Our teacher suggested books by Richard Bach and Wayne Dyer which inspired new ways to think and be in the world. Those books and other friends and books along the way kept me interested in complementary health, nutrition and the space where science and spirituality meet.

I began my college career at the University of Houston and then transferred to Texas Para-Legal School as a junior focusing on legal assistant studies. Following a 20 year career as a legal assistant and office manager in Houston, my husband and I “retired” to Marble Falls, Texas where I started my own personal assistant and bookkeeping business. And then I got sick. Years of burning the candle at both ends left me with severe adrenal fatigue, exacerbated chronic TMJ pain, and made it difficult to get out of bed every day. Pain medications and an undiagnosed soy allergy caused colitis issues. I lost 45 pounds in a few months, unable to tolerate much more than protein shakes.

It was time to make some new choices and I returned to studying about vitamins, minerals and healthy lifestyles. Slowly, over the next year, I began to regain my health. I closed my personal assistant and bookkeeping business and my husband, son and I moved to Corpus Christi in 2015.

I had become a Reiki Master in my late 20s and, although I practiced on my family and friends, I decided it was now time to renew that interest. With that awareness, I also realized that I truly desired to pursue my decades-long love of holistic health. I became certified to practice and teach Access Consciousness Bars, Access Energetic Facelifts, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Holographic Sound Healing. I also became a Past Life Reading therapist, Access Body Process practitioner and a certified crystal healer. The past four years have been a whirlwind of classes (attending and teaching) and the most generative and delightful years of my life so far!

Why would you want to work with an energy, sound and crystal healer?

Conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms, not on the body with the symptoms. For example, are you empathic to some degree? It is not only possible, but highly probable, that you and your body are so aware that you are picking on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions (or aches, pains and illnesses). Your body has an innate intelligence and consciousness that helps you understand what other people are going through by “mimicking” it in your own body. Have you ever noticed how you’ll be in a good mood and a grumpy person can make you feel grumpy? We help you become aware of what energies are not yours and release other people’s energies, along with old belief systems and patterns that no longer work for you, your health, your life and your living. What is possible when you begin to live a vibrant life free of limitations in your body, mind and soul?

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