Elizabeth Pena

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hi there…

I believe that hands can heal and the innate intelligence of the body to heal. As a

Reiki Master (20 years) and Ordained Minister (19 years), I have seen countless

instances of seeming miracles and changes in people’s bodies, minds and spirits.

I’m Liz Pena and the owner/creator of Liz Martin Co. In addition to Reiki, I offer

Access Consciousness Bars and Spiritual Guidance to my clients. I was born with a

gift of insight that I denied for a long time. After many years of trying other

things, I now use this gift to help people heal from pain, illness and trauma.

Always guided by Spirit in both my healing and intuitive work, I have been doing

intuitive readings for over 27 years and now have an international client base.

I have facilitated a weekly meditation group for over 20 years which has resulted

in many life-changing events in people’s lives. Monthly, I lead a free drumming

circle during the full moon.

Among others, I teach Reiki and Spiritual Cleansing classes and I perform wedding

ceremonies. I also make intuitively created custom oils, candles and herb blends

to assist my clients with their physical and spiritual well-being.

To schedule an appointment, you can reach me by cell/text to 361-765-2890 or

email to: jewellliz@yahoo.com