Brooke Wilson


hi there…

My name is Brooke. I am a wife, mother of two and local Birth Doula. I founded Brooke the Birth Doula after growing up as a midwife’s daughter. Having the privilege to support families at such a young age prompted my love for everything Birth. Birth surrounded me my whole life. I knew I wanted to carry that torch on, so that I could light the way for other families. 

My role is to support your support system--enhancing the people around you. I guide and nurture their involvement and support. My job is to help their love for you to shine and be channeled in the most helpful ways. Interestingly, when a doula is involved in a birth, partners help and touch the laboring person more! Combined, we create a perfect team. 

I have been a full-time doula for over 7 years, and have supported over 100 families. I work with clients at home, birth centers, and hospitals in the Coastal Bend area. With established provider relationships. 

I have training and experience in waterbirth, optimal fetal positioning, (spinning babies) vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs), surrogacy, IVF and breastfeeding. I have skills in supporting people with histories of trauma, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. 

As your doula I come without an agenda, without judgment, I walk alongside you. My goal is that you were heard, had informed choices and you were seen, and supported, as things came your way no matter the outcome.